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We have researched and selected the most outstanding properties and magnificent venues that contain the perfect elements to hold the most important event in your life.

Our choices go from luxurious AAA Five Diamond hotels to relaxed beach clubs, from breathtaking boutique hotels, to restaurants with amazing ocean views, from exclusive villas, to the most upscale private houses.

In order to select the ideal venue for your ceremony and reception, there are a few tips that we would like to share with you.

Villas and Private Houses

In order to hold a destination wedding at a Villa or Private House there is a minimum stay rental of 4-7 nights. The minimum stay is defined by each property according to the season. If you plan on inviting more than the guest occupancy at the property you are interested in, a one night additional event fee generally applies. The event fee can vary and normally depends on group size and your wedding details. Some villas include additional services with the event fee such as, cleaning personnel for the day of the event, a bartender, etc. However, it does not include any additional services such as food and beverage, catering supplies, décor, service staff, etc.

Each Villa and Private House has its own restrictions and rules. The majority of them have a noise restriction since most of these properties are located in residential neighborhoods; hence, loud noise must not be audible to neighboring homes after 11:00 pm. However, we do have a selection of properties that due to their location and structure, allow for the reception party to last a couple more hours.

Another thing to consider is that many of the villas may be adult only, have a non-smoking policy, or only allow pets upon review of the number and characteristics of the pet/s. So please be sure to specify all of your needs before signing the contract, beware that most Villas request a deposit that can be use in case of damage.





Hotels and Resorts

The decision to host the ceremony and reception of your destination wedding at a hotel can simplify the wedding plans and make it more affordable for couples on a budget, especially if you go for an all-inclusive hotel.

Hotels can provide you with catering service, bar, staff, tables, chairs, china, glassware, linens, etc., which means that many details will be instantly eliminated from the “to-do” list; plus it is convenient for you and your fiancé since it will save you a lot of money in hiring transportation for your guests.
Making a room block at a hotel can also represent some benefits for you and your guests, such as a complimentary champagne toast, an hour of on-the-house open bar during the cocktail, free room upgrades, anniversary certificates, or even the set up for the ceremony with decorations, flowers, sound system, and an Officiant without charge.

There are many pros about holding your wedding at a hotel; however, it is important to know that venues in the hotels are usually not assigned until you have a certain total number of guests/rooms reserved; in addition, most of the time, hotels host more than one wedding on the same day which can be confusing for guests.

Also, some hotels have their own list of vendors and may force you to use them or charge you an additional fee for outside vendors.

Finally, since hotels have other guests staying there on their vacation, your wedding may not be as private and intimate as you wish.





Boutique Hotels

Boutique hotels are the perfect venue for an intimate destination wedding. They have very personalized service and focus on creating a sensorial athmosphere that is comfortable and private for their guests. Each of these hotels have a very distinctive style.

Whether they offer an exquisite antique decoration, modern architecture, or a green eco-friendly concept, they all offer a distinctive location to hold a quite unique and memorable ceremony and reception. From harmonious gardens, to magnificent terraces, from hill top presidential suites, to breathtaking chapels overlooking the Banderas Bay, they will surely dazzle even the most demanding guest.

Food plays a huge role in Boutique Hotel weddings, and it is always complemented by refined presentations and impeccable service; similarly, their design and set-up also plays significant role in your wedding.

Most Boutique Hotels offer complementary use of the existing elements of decoration in order to keep their sophisticated style, however, they allow you to personalize your wedding and add the element of your choice in order to create a more unique event.



Restaurants and Beach Clubs

A restaurant or beach club destination wedding is an easy choice for couples who want the full wedding experience, but are not willing to splurge on a villa rental, for instance. Since many of the necessities are already in place, a huge part of the budget can be allocated to other things, such as a good meal. Food is the priority for couples that have decided to have a restaurant wedding, and restaurateurs will make sure that the food and service are superlative in these events.

Set up and sound systems are usually included in the restaurant/ beach club prices; they may either charge you an event fee, or charge per guest, depending on the restaurant/ beach club of choice.

There are some downsides though, i.e. the cost of a restaurant/ beach club wedding depends mostly on how much of the available space you will be using. If you decide to reserve the entire facility to have a private event, you will most likely have to pay a compensation for all the business they will be giving up on your account. This can be especially high-priced on weekends. Nonetheless, it is possible to have a restaurant/ beach club wedding on a limited budget. The most obvious way to achieve this is by choosing a spot that has more than one dining area, or private dining facilities, so the proprietor can keep his main dining room and bar running simultaneously with your event.

A very important thing to consider is that most restaurants come with their own distinctive look, which might include undesired décor, furniture and/or colors that do not match the style you have envisioned for your wedding. Consequently, any place of your interest will have to meet at least the most important design aspects on your list, since the probabilities of altering any existing designs are small. On the other hand, we can always help you customize the space with elements of decoration, flowers, etc.





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