Certified Wedding Planner: The key to a successful destination wedding!


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As mind boggling as it sounds, nowadays there are many couples that doubt of the importance of hiring a wedding planner to plan and coordinate their destination wedding. Even though, a certified wedding planner is, in big part, the key to make one of the most important days of your life, that perfect and stream lined event you have always dreamed of.

A certified wedding planner will make your life easier at one of the most difficult times in your life. Planning a wedding in your place of residence, without a wedding planner, is hard enough; planning a destination wedding, without a wedding planner, that just a disaster waiting to happen!

However, it never fails, many couples opt to try to save a few bucks and decide to take the risk of planning their own destination wedding. Nonetheless, as soon as the big date nears, they realize the complications and stress that trying to coordinate so many things at once generates: work demands, getting ready for the trip, paying remaining balances due to vendors, planning your honeymoon, dealing with last minute changes, cancellations or additional guests, having to deal with vendors that are not responding to your e-mails, preparing welcome kits, supervising deliveries, drafting and revising the itinerary, coordinating the set up and break down on the event day, hormones, etc. It is at this point that you wish you had hired a certified wedding planner. You see, a certified wedding planner deals with all the stressful facets of your big day, so you in turn, can devote time to enjoy this big adventure with your soon to be husband, family and friends; all of whom have made huge efforts to be with you during your last few single days, and to witness you and your loved one unite and say, “I do”.

It is true that some hotels will offer you a package deal, which usually includes a wedding planner. But do not be fooled! In most of those cases, this wedding planner’s planning capabilities are limited to only certain aspects of your wedding, as s/he will only be coordinating the services offered within the bounds of your chosen hotel. Often times they are also obligated to recommend vendors who have existing contracts with the hotel, and in most cases, they are not the best suited vendors for your needs. Lastly, please consider that these wedding planners are juggling a myriad of weddings aside from yours, some on the same day! Hence, their attention and timely response to your needs might be compromised and not as devoted as you would expect, and realize you need.

On the other hand, a certified wedding planner will not only help you plan and execute every aspect of your wedding, s/he will also share with you their experience with the destination and the industry; s/he will also help you find the ideal venue for your celebration, select the vendors which are best suited for your needs, and further, s/he will negotiate the best conditions and prices for you and your guests. A certified wedding planner will maximize your budget and will personally supervise and ensure that vendors render their services at 100% capacity on the big day.

A certified wedding planner will also ensure that all the proper paperwork is filed on time and with no complications, s/he will provide you with samples of the design and flowers in advance, to guarantee that everything looks just the way you want it. S/he will elaborate a detailed itinerary of the big day; s/he will rehearse, with you and your bridal party, every single aspect, down to the smallest of details, to make sure everyone knows their role in the wedding.  S/he will answer all of your questions, and qualm any of your concerns or unexpected last minute inconveniences that may arise.

By Eve Chávez – Puerto Vallarta and Riviera Nayarit Certified Destination Wedding Specialist


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